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Registered for three weeks, started writing.

By chance, I encountered Xlog on the internet.

Having your own content on the blockchain, owning your own content by publishing on the Crossbell blockchain. xLog does not store any data and cannot deprive or modify your rights and content, even if xLog wants to do so.

The above statement touched me instantly, and I immediately registered my own Xlog with my newly registered little fox.

Recently, I have been reading articles on WAS, and I have great expectations for the application prospects of blockchain technology described by him. I believe that after long-term accumulation and continuous evolution, blockchain technology will eventually develop into the next wave.

> What functions does WAS blockchain technology have?

Blockchain technology has the following main functions:


Decentralization in blockchain refers to transferring control and decision-making power from centralized entities (individuals, organizations, or groups) to a distributed network. Decentralized blockchain networks use transparency to reduce the need for trust between participants. These networks also prevent participants from exerting power or control over each other in a way that weakens network functionality.


Immutability refers to the inability to change or alter certain content. Once a participant records a transaction in the shared ledger, no participant can tamper with that transaction. If a transaction record contains an error, you must add a new transaction to correct the error, and the entire network can see both transactions.


Blockchain systems establish rules for participants to reach consensus on recorded transactions. Only when the majority of participants in the network agree can a new transaction be recorded.

Ownership of this post data is guaranteed by blockchain and smart contracts to the creator alone.