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Morning Hymn

Father Almighty, full of love,
We cry out to you here.
You created the beauty of the universe,
And gave us the power of life.

Father in heaven, your love knows no bounds,
You are the guardian in our hearts.
You make the sun shine upon the earth,
And let nature's scenery be splendid.

You are the source of all things, the Most High,
Your wisdom is unfathomable.
You created the seas and mountains,
And the living beings of animals and plants.

Father in heaven, you are the light of truth,
Your love is forever vast.
You teach us love and tolerance,
Guiding us through dark times.

You are our refuge,
You are with us in times of difficulty.
You give us strength and hope,
So we can move forward, never giving up.

Thank you, Father, for your loving kindness,
May your glory forever shine.
Let us offer praise and gratitude,
Forever and never cease.

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